Our Core Solutions

Brownfield Solutions offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of geotechnical site investigation on brownfield and greenfield sites, contaminated land assessment, remediation strategy, verification and much more. 

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Desk Study Assessment

LCRM Stage 1, Tier 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment comprising site reconnaissance, desk-based research, preliminary conceptual site model, the establishment of potential pollutant linkages and unacceptable risks. The desk study aims to provide a qualitative assessment of the risks to end-users and the surrounding environment from any contamination which might be present on or close to the site and appraise potential geotechnical constraints.

Intrusive Ground Investigation

We provide ground investigation scoping, design, implementation and supervision including soil and rock logging, sampling, in-situ and laboratory testing, monitoring, factual and interpretive reporting. Through our in-house capability and approved supplier network, we offer all ground investigation techniques to suit site access requirements, ground conditions and proposed structures.

Contaminated Land Assessment

Whether determining the viability of a development, satisfying planning conditions, or determining the value of a property asset during due diligence, an accurate assessment of contaminated land risks is required. Brownfield Solutions undertake LCRM Stage 1, Tier 2 and 3 generic quantitative and detailed quantitative risk assessments, investigation of identified risks, development of the Conceptual Site Model (CSM) and establishment of unacceptable risks to human health and controlled waters.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Our team of in-house professionals facilitate all stages of remediation projects from identification of the remedial requirements through to completion and final verification. LCRM Stage 2 and 3; Remedial Options Appraisal and development of the Remediation Strategy including derivation of site-specific assessment criteria and remedial targets, statistical assessment, pollutant fate and transport modelling. We also provide appraisals of third-party remediation tenders, remediation supervision, monitoring and verification.

Geotechnical Assessment, Ground Modelling and Design Recommendations

Appraisal of geotechnical risks, determination of characteristic values for geotechnical parameters, appraisal of foundation options, preliminary and detailed bearing capacity and settlement calculations, design recommendations for floor slabs, highways, SuDS, slopes and earth retaining structures.

In-Situ Testing

Brownfield Solutions offer CBR & plate load testing as part of our complete ground investigation package for clients who require information regarding the formation materials. Our in-house Plate Load Testing service can determine the modulus of subgrade reaction, CBR value or vertical deformation and strength characteristics of soils, sub-base materials, fills or piling mats for structural design or end product verification.

Soakaway Infiltration Testing

Soakaway tests in trial pits and variable head tests in boreholes to determine infiltration rates in soils or rock for SuDS (sustainable urban drainage systems), contaminant transport modelling, geotechnical design and Flood Risk Assessment purposes.

Ground Gas and Vapour Assessment

Brownfield Solutions carry out a bespoke gas assessment and complete a further detailed quantitative risk assessment to better understand the gas regime on complex sites. We undertake the installation of monitoring instrumentation for passive or continuous monitoring of ground gases and vapours; bulk gas analysis, risk assessment and site classification and identification of appropriate mitigation and protection measures to be designed and incorporated into the proposed development.

Independent Verification of Ground Gas and Vapour Protection Measures

As part of our comprehensive offering, Brownfield Solutions produce Verification Plans for Ground Gas Protection Systems and, working in accordance with current Guidance, we provide clients with independent third-party verification of ground gas and vapour protection systems including visual inspections, pick testing and air lancing. Upon satisfactory completion a Validation Report is prepared for submission to the regulatory authority.

Waste Classification Reports and Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) Analysis

Testing of soils to determine waste classification status, hazardous properties, waste code, WAC testing to determine suitability and landfill category.

In-house Qualified Persons (QP) for MMP declarations.

Development of Materials Management Plans including CL:AIRE DoWCoP MMP, registering or surrendering of Environmental Permits and Exemptions. In-house QPs for review and declaration of internal or third-party MMPs.


As well as completing standard laboratory, grading, and earthworks testing, we also provide engineering advice and assistance with the design and specification for a variety of earthworks operations, as well as undertaking on-site monitoring, verification and in-situ testing to achieve a safe, practical and stable platform for the proposed development.

Coal Mining Risk Assessment

A planning requirement in Coal Authority Development High Risk Areas. Our Coal Mining Risk Assessments are technical, desk-based, interpretive assessments that identify and assess the site-specific coal mining risks that may affect your site.

Coal Mining and Non-Coal Mining Ground Stability Investigation

We carry out desk-based research and assessment to inform intrusive ground investigation and from those findings provide geotechnical design recommendations and, if required, design of treatment works to mitigate risks from shallow mine workings, sink holes, adits, shafts, dissolution features, low strength or loose infilled material and/or any sudden changes in the geological formation.

Regulatory Liaison and Sign-Off

Liaison with Local Authority CLO/EHOs, Environment Agency or warranty providers e.g. NHBC to achieve agreement and discharge of conditions under planning, Part 2A or the relevant warranty scheme.

Contracting Service

Ground Investigation Contracting including all aspects of geotechnical and geo-environmental site investigation, testing and factual reporting. Brownfield Solutions has the expertise to plan and undertake ground investigations on the largest and most technically and commercially challenging sites to the highest standards.

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