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Brownfield Solutions is a well-established geo-environmental engineering consultancy offering UK-wide solutions to a broad range of clients including Property Developers, Commercial and Strategic Land companies, Private Landowners, Contractors, Planners, Architects, Engineers, Local Authorities and Central Government organisations.

Ground-related problems are often complex, multifaceted and interlinked, governed by the characteristics of soils and rocks formed over millennia and subsequently altered by human activity through land use, chemical inputs, extraction, deposition, drainage, mining and landfilling.

Our team of experienced scientists, geologists and engineers can investigate and assess the geotechnical and environmental constraints and provide bespoke solutions to unlock the potential of your site.

Core services include Site Investigation, Contaminated Land and Risk Assessment to support planning, due diligence, project feasibility, development design and remediation on both brownfield and greenfield sites.

With an emphasis on excellent and consistent quality, attention to detail and safety, our comprehensive service aims to achieve the best and most sustainable outcomes every time.

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We provide full UK coverage, wherever the site is, we can help.

We are industry experts in the field of Geo-environmental Engineering. With our wealth of experience, we have the know-how to guide your project and overcome the challenges of ground-related risks, investigation, and assessment.


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Core Solutions Offered

Brownfield Solutions geo-environmental consultants offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of geotechnical site investigation on brownfield and greenfield sites, contaminated land investigation, remediation strategy, verification and much more. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide a bespoke quotation specific to your needs.

Phase 1 Desk Study Assessment
Phase 2 Ground Investigation and Risk Assessment
Geotechnical Assessments, Ground Modelling and Design Recommendations
Ground Gas and Vapour Monitoring and Risk Assessment
Waste Classification Testing and Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) analysis
Coal Mining and Non-Coal Mining Ground Stability Investigation
Contracting Service
Contaminated Land Investigation
Remediation Strategy and Verification
In-situ Testing
Soakaway Testing
Gas Membrane Verification
In-house Qualified Persons (QP) for MMP declarations.
Coal Mining Risk Assessment
Regulatory liaison and sign-off

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We are always keen to hear from talented, motivated and ambitious people to join our team and further our goals.  If you are interested in joining Brownfield Solutions, please contact us directly.

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On Site Services

BSL maintain an in-house team of Technicians, able to undertake a range of site support works for your project and monitoring, including testing for CBR values such as plate load testing and LWDs, TRL DCPs, concrete coring, earthworks validation testing, soils sampling, ground gas and groundwater monitoring and more. 

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