We provide investigation and consultancy for residential development.  Many of our clients rely upon our advice during the site acquisition and appraisal phase of their site development.

This advice commonly includes the defining of abnormal costs associated with contamination, foundations, highways, and land stability.

Our services continue as our clients work through the development and include foundation design, Geotechnical Design Reports, site specific Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments (DQRA), detailed foundation design and assessment.

Once on site, our clients utilise our expertise to design and supervise earthworks and remediation contracts.

We have significant experience and track record in this sector, and BSL has delivered successful residential schemes for our clients across the UK.

Many of our clients rely on our deep understanding of the ground model to provide quantified details to feed into the appraisal.

Our close relationship with several contractors means we are able to provide firm costs and minimise the risk associated with the ground. This provides our clients with confidence in their decision making.

Planning and warranty condition sign off can be a particularly time pressured  process for residential schemes, as mortgage offers are dependent on removing these conditions, we work closely with our clients to manage this process.

In addition, we work closely with our clients and regulators through the development of the site, in order to achieve a successful end result.